Be Healthy Without Medication, Be Fresh Without A Doctor

Monday, Juli 28 2020 | Story | 1611 | Alfons dan Marmi

Have we ever read a statement telling "be healthy without drugs, be fresh without a doctor, be fat without herbal medicine". How health and physical fitness become a dream for every human being. Mrs. Dorkas Ndai Bida is a member of the SALT Team in Watumbaka Sub-district, Pandawai District, East Sumba, which since 2015 has been a Health Cadre. This middle-aged woman does have a hobby of planting. The introduction and treatment of traditional medicines obtained through UPKM / CD Bethesda YAKKUM East Sumba area provides a basic awareness that by cultivating traditional medicinal plants, dependence on medical drugs can be avoided.

Through the introduction and processing of traditional medicine, it gives understanding to Dorcas that it turns out that various plants that have been preserved have many benefits, such as ckumis kucing, bunga patah tulang, ginger, leaf growth, canadian sweet potato leaves, plate flowers, neem trees and many other plants. The spirit of cultivating traditional medicinal plants is increasingly burning within Dorcas. The experience that has been proven over and over again for its efficacy is plant fracture. Dorcas began the story, she had a neighbor who suffered from malignant cancer. The neighbor went to the hospital for treatment, but was forced to be sent home because he could not be treated anymore. Armed with her knowledge, Dorcas gave a neighbor to drink a drop of gum from a broken bone plant into drinking water. Interval 4 days later, they went to the hospital to check and the results of these lumps decreased. Feelings of emotion and happiness enveloped our hearts when we saw that the examination results had changed. So, since then the provision of drinks mixed with one drop of gum from a broken bone plant is routinely given once a day and also routinely to do a hospital check, until finally the neighbor is declared cured by a doctor. Dorcas said, "I learned the efficacy information from the plant from Doctor Matius, a surgeon in East Sumba Regency, and finally I decided to cultivate the plant". "I also often use herb plants when my children have a fever, also if there are people who have high blood pressure and many other plants that I cultivate, which I have proven its usefulness," she continued, looking at the plants in her traditional medicine garden.

Being a special satisfaction for Dorcas because through the plants he cultivated, her children do not have to go to the hospital when sick. His confidence in the efficacy of medicinal plants is evident in her own family. Until now, Dorcas, her husband and children are healthy and have never experienced failure in treating a disease that is experienced, on the contrary, always successfully treated using traditional medicine. Objectively, Dorkas revealed, "That does not mean we do not need medical treatment, but while we are still able to deal with traditional medicine, we certainly do not need medical treatment". Certainly not only her family who enjoyed the benefits of this medicinal plant, many of her neighbors were helped. Firmly, Dorcas stressed, "Even though I didn't get anything in return, when the neighbors recovered from illness, I was very grateful," she added.

Thanks to her perseverance and loyalty to traditional medicine, the Kelurahan Government where Dorcas lives, supports through the procurement of traditional medicine and food processing equipment. Dorcas hopes that the cultivation of traditional medicinal plants will continue to grow, become more complete and, if possible, be able to process them into massage oils, wound oils and herbal soaps that can be marketed, so that they can also be of economic value to meet the needs of other communities. * (Alfon / Marmi).