Habel: Sanitation Promotor in Probur Village, Alor

Wednesday, January 03 2010 | Story | 1049 | written by Wisnugroho

Habel (55 y.o) is a member of the Village Health Team (TKD) from Hamlet A (Wormanen), Probur Village, Alor Barat Daya District, Alor Regency. This middle-aged man always actively participates in training conducted by various parties in his village. One of them, Habel had attended training in toilet making in Hamlet C (Alower) which is still part of Probur Village.

After attending the training, he was interested in developing toilet installing techniques in his own village. Armed with the skills he had acquired during the training, Habel formed a toilet group in his village of 6 people. Through this group, Habel and his friends trained the community to make a toilet. The training was attended by 15 people. After the training was conducted independently, these 15 participants collected contributions in the form of making materials. This plan was also supported by UPKM / CD Bethesda YAKKUM in Alor area in the form of cement and lent the toilet molding equipment. Initially, this group succeeded in producing 15 units of toilets and the results were distributed to 15 group members.

Therefore, in Wormanen Hamlet, Probur Village, there are two groups, the first being the Jamban Team with 6 members as a team that technically has toilet installing skills, while the second group is a Toilet Group with 15 members, training alumni who are trained independently by the Jamban Team. Not only that, Habel tried hard to realize his ideals and dreams, namely so that all the houses in his village had a toilet.

Over time, finally these 15 members had prepared a place in their respective homes which was carried out cooperatively by making pit latrines and digging the foundation while waiting for their turn to get a toilet closet. As of December 2019 5 healthy latrines have been built that are ready to use from pure products independently and independently without material support from outside parties. Having efforts to accelerate and provide motivation to the community in the hamlet of Wormanen, Habel and the Latrine Team took the initiative to hold a Healthy Latrine Contest. There are already 59 houses that have latrines out of 105 in Wormanen. The competition committee invited the Probur Community Health Center sanitation staff to assess the 59 houses that had latrines with the criteria set by the Probur Community Health Center manager. The three best latrines were selected as winners. The public also increasingly understands the criteria for a healthy latrine after seeing a toilet designated as a champion.

Through these various efforts, if previously in Wormanen Hamlet when there was wind blowing, the smell of human excrement wafted far and wide, lately it has vanished because public awareness has grown not to defecate carelessly (BABS). Finally Abel's dream came true and he was even more excited because he was the Village Health Team (TKD) who had the moral responsibility to improve the quality of health in the village. "In 2020 Wormanen Village becomes a Village that Stop Open Defecation," Habel's determination. Habel's spirit continued to spread with his energies which continued to surge so that he was trusted by the surrounding villages, to train making the toilet for the community. * .